A Tale About A Musical Spiritual War.
© 2011-2012 Gail Nobles

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Notashian_ If I Had to Go Back

Notashian thought to herself, "If I had to go back and live on earth again, I would just live a normal life. I would like to go back and help people and get them on the right path. When it comes to the music industry, little do they know that they are being used as a dollar bill. Nobody cares about you. When you fall, they are through with you and ready to replace you. They watch you go to the grave."

Notashian did not know right away that there were fans on earth that could connect with her. Sitting high above, she learned that there were very special people on earth. She was able to take notice of things like she never saw before. Notashian had fans that were close to heaven. It took the death of her to make her fans see how close they were. Notashian began to find out that she did not have to go back to visit because a part of her never left. There was a part of her that never died. That was her spirit.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Notashian looked down with an angel and saw how innocent some people were that appeared to be bad. She then understood what the good book said about judging. The ones that we think will go to heaven might be the ones going to hell, and the ones that we think will go to hell might be the ones that will be going to heaven. One day we will know what everybody has done, and that is what Notashian was finding out. She could see why her life on earth ended. Many times she blamed herself for the things that were wrong in her life. The angel said to her, "Sometimes it is not what you have done. Sometimes it is what other people are doing. Sometimes it is not what you have done wrong. Sometimes it is what you have done right."

Notashian was a special kind of girl on earth. There was a lot of things that she didn't believe in doing that was not right. There were many things that she refused and the world thought she was crazy. Notashian did not have many friends, but she kept on standing up for what she believed in.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Unseen Things Not Judged

Notashian saw so many people judging their favorite entertainers. Some said good things about them and some said bad things. None of them saw the whole picture. They were only judging from the things that were seen. However, even what they saw was not always totally true. Nobody saw that one entertainer was messed up for life because somebody fixed a drink for him. It was blamed on the entertainer because he was at a club with the wrong crowd. So his fans assumed that he was a nobody. How sad that was to Notashian. There was a whole lot that was unseen by the public.

(Luke 6:37) Judge not, and you shall not be judged: condemn not, and you shall not be condemned: forgive, and you shall be forgiven:

Notashian hated the fact that entertainers had no privacy. Camera men were persistent with flashing lights following them everywhere. There were no laws and rules for it. Lies were written about them and nobody was suing either.  Some entertainers were sometimes wrong and were able to get drugs and commit crimes. Many of them never went to jail as if there were no laws and rules for them. Some entertainers were so rich that they did not seem to pray or need anything. They did not believe or follow the laws of God. Some forgot about God.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Evil Snares

Notashian saw how things looked like the truth and were very false for the music world. She saw how some died terrible deaths. Some were lonely and got into suicide, drugs, broken marriages, and bad relationships. Some lost all that they had. The more fame and fortune the people had, the more evil attacked. Some people that were brought into the entertainment world began to learn a new life style. They had worldly friends, worldly pleasures, and worldly awards. The evil spirits trick them into illusions. However, some of the people did not have the heart for the worldly things and wanted what was truly real. They dropped out of the music world or either stayed in and suffered. Sometimes it did not seem that what they were doing was wrong as far as the music was concerned. It was how the evil forces attacked and took over their lives fooling them with power, fame, money, and sex. It was the way the people in the music world lived their lives. They became blind to the snares of evil. The things that were going on in the music world were the same things going on all over the world. Evil was in many homes, careers, and businesses. Notashian believed that if God did not put you in a particular place, you did not belong there.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seeing a Mixture of Music

Notashian was sad as she looked at the earthly music world. She saw songwriters mixing sex with salvation in pop music and gospel music was beginning to sound like pop music. Gospel music became contemporary gospel. It did not sound like gospel at all. There were really no messages about Jesus coming out of gospel and rock and roll songs had no meaning and made no sense. Some of the songwriters did not write from the heart, and some of the singers did not sing from the heart. Notashian could feel evil and sin present from it all. It seemed like all of the singers and songwriters that had talent to open the minds of the people could not get a job, had to drop out of the music world, and sometimes died. They were the ones that had a great impact on the world with music. Notashian saw the forces of evil upon the great entertainers that loved God. It made her want to fight and become a music warrior to help the people. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Notashian Meets Spectra

Spectra was a soul that loved the sun and rainbow. She also once lived her life on earth in music. Spectra got a closer look at the earthly music world with Notashian. She was very wise and understood the war of evil spirits against people that lived on the earth. Spectra explained to Notashian that the evil spirits could recognize anyone whose talents were meant to be given back to God. She told Notashian how the evil spirits worked evil through other people. Some people allowed the spirits to use them to bring down the goodness of others.

Spectra said, "Many great leaders, singers, musicians, and artists have been brought down low because of evil. People do not realize sometimes what they get into. That is why it is important to know God. There is a lot of deceit. Evil spirits constantly harass the good. We were great in music and we were attacked. We were taken from the evil we were not aware of in order to be saved."

Notashian said, "I saw how much we had an impact on the world, but I did not see it all. Now I understand  it more clearly. I wish we could go back and help others."

Spectra began to sparkle and said, "It is not impossible. You will have to talk it over with the master, but I think it is meant for us to rest. It will be alright. I'm sure the master has a great plan. However, you know that someday we will rise again anyway and reign on the earth."

(Revelation 5:10) And have made us to our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heavenly Music

Notashian learned more about music with the angels above. She learned about holiness which is something that music sometimes lacked on earth. Heavenly music in heaven was much deeper than earthly music. Hearing heavenly music was the most beautiful sound, and no music on earth was as beautiful. Notashian learned about peaceful music, strong music, music that solved problems, and all kinds of heavenly music. Learning about music in heaven helped Notashian understand what was going on with music on earth.

Notashian looked down on earth with one of the angels and saw the mess that she was in. She said, “I did not know that I was saying yes to things that I should have said no to.” Some of the songs that Notashian sung on earth were songs written and inspired by adultery and fornication. Some of the songs she sung were quite tricky with hidden messages to the ear. The songs stayed locked in her memory on earth and to millions of fans. Sometimes Notation became a victim of some of the songs that she sung. Music can be very powerful in a good way and in a bad way. That is what Notashian began to learn in heaven listening to the music world below. She felt very sad and wanted to go back and make better music for her fans to open up their minds.

The angel that observed earthly music with Notashian said, “I do not know if you should go back now. Stay here a little while longer and learn more.”